Victoria Beckham’s Daytona

Fashion dictates the bigger the better. Who better to wear this than fashion icon Victoria Beckham?

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 23.48.49.png

I’m not saying this is another Paul Newman. But it does look superb. If you wear a full gold own it like Victoria!

Rolex are an entrepreneurial company, there’s no doubt about it. They know how to market and what a quality watch should have.

Hans Wilsdorf the founder of Rolex was a complete genius. Entrepreneur at heart, he was one of the first to brand the dials with the company name. Ensuring Rolex is the name remembered.

Victoria much the same changed with the times and turned her iconic image as Posh Spice into a refined fashion brand. In five short years turning revenue of £1m to £30m!

Clearly Rolex and Victoria Beckham are the perfect combination.

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 23.49.26.png

Daytona Everose


Size: 40mm

Material: Everose

Complication: Chronograph

Link: Oyster

Dial: Pink with chocolate sub


Movement: Automatic

Model release date: 1963





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