Panthère de Cartier; unleash your wild side


This year Cartier appears to be keeping it traditional. 103 years after the first appearance of the Cartier Panther; a true demonstration of a style icon.

Although I can’t say why they chose the big 103? It’s not the most symbolic of years. Yet if you look at their 2017 diamond and onyx piece it is rather similar to the debut of the Panther in 1914.


The Panther symbol for Cartier originates from an invitation designed by George Barbier. An artist that caught the attention of Louis Cartier with his Art Deco style.

Jeanne Toussaint is the women behind the panther, nicknamed ‘La Panthere’. A true embodiment of the Panther spirit with her wild nature and femininity. It was Jeanne’s imaginative ideas that bought the panther to life.

The fashion industry is credited with popularising the use of big cats to represent courage, power and above all femininity that embody this animal. Vogue till this day uses the Panther to convey these messages and resulting in striking imagery.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 00.02.44.png

For the Cartier Artisans the panthers coat and bright eyes allow for the perfect canvas! These influences depict the importance of heritage making the revival of the Panthère collection a significant one.

Lets take a closer look at the SIHH 2017 Panthère de Cartier collection…

The entire collection contains a quartz movement. Which is always controversial in the Swiss watch industry! Quartz does have its positives in terms of accuracy and ease of setting. For a professional women this could be the ideal piece.

The revival of the Panthère is unexpected, yet it compliments the current range well. An elegant version of the much loved Santos Galbee in terms of the shape and exposed screws on the bezel.

Everything is on a slightly more elegant scale the case size is approximately 22mm rather than 26.2mm for the galbee. The bracelet is more refined with a more intricate link design.

For me the two size variations and metal options will appeal to a wider audience. The discontinuation of the larger Galbee has been a disappointment for the trend toward larger watches. Yet as the largest is 27mm it still could be on the small side for some ladies.

The memorable piece of the collection is the white gold panthere de Cartier pictured above adorned with diamonds and black onyx spots. It is a great tribute to the Panther’s debut.

Cartier have revived the panther in style, I would expect no less!







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