Frosted: The Royal Oak

Audemars know how to celebrate the big 4-0!

That is clear from 2017’s new diamond frosted Royal Oak collection. 40 years after the ladies collection was unveiled Audemars have now unleashed diamond hammering to their iconic range.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 00.48.40.png

Jacqueline Dimier saw the appeal of this piece to ladies and helped design the original ladies collection. This more petite version was a subtle way to open this piece up to a wider audience.

The current collection has evolved since then with bigger sizes (33mm and the 37mm), a mix of movements and dial variations.

Now, the Royal Oak dawns a new era with the help of Carolina Bucci. A Florence born jewellery designer; speciality fine jewellery, with a modern twist!

The Florentine Finish is one of Bucci’s signature collections now used on the Royal Oak Frosted.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 21.08.13.png

This technique used in her range is a tradition stemming from Bucci’s home in Florence and carried out in her family’s workshops. For me this seems to be the perfect collaboration with Audemars!

Someone who has mastered traditional crafts and is not afraid to push boundaries.

The technique itself is very precise; using a diamond tipped tool, small indents are made on the gold. For this to create the perfect impression it has to be done in an evenly spaced cross stitch pattern. Shouldn’t be a problem for the AP artisans!

On the Frosted Royal Oak this method works well, creating a lovely  shimmering effect across the surface. As Audemars Piguet still utilises a mixture of finishes on the case it adds a new dimensioned brings the piece to life.

Frosted RO.png

On the Royal Oak you can see true dedication to finishing. This is a time consuming method to use and perhaps the reason why it is limited to boutique only. Shame there’s not yet one in the UK!




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