The Fury of Audemars Piguet

Watches are not always about the time; this piece proves just that!

The diamond fury is made up of 4,841 diamonds. Each of which are hand set by the artisans at Audemars. If this was a simple cuff shape it would be difficult however, with this asymmetrical design it seems impossible. Perhaps this is the fury.

Over 1500 hours of time is devoted to creating this piece (the majority I’m sure is spent setting the diamonds). This equates to roughly over 2.5 months.

Due to the time required and that each is tailor made to the intended’s wrist; this is not something you can walk in to a store and buy. Making this even more exclusive then your usual Audemars!

The movement itself, is a quartz. For a high Calibre brand such as Audemars it’s not what you might expect. However, for this piece it is perhaps the most suited. No need to wind apart from a simple hour change here or there.

For me the concealed time is perhaps the best feature on this piece. It is in my opinion the more sophisticated version compared to the diamond punk.

In comparison the diamond punk is coated with 3307 amount less diamonds. So technically this is the most precious piece. Yet the diamond fury is more innovative design. The layered mismatched pyramid effect accentuates the diamonds in a way the diamond punk cannot.

Fury is by far the more modern choice and has an abundance of attitude!

Audemars make both pieces relevant.

So what’s your choice? Punk or Fury?


Diamond Fury

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 16.44.34.png

Total diamond count: 4841 round brilliants

Case and bracelet: 4635

Dial: 206

Case diameter:40mm

Case Thickness: 12.2mm

Movement: Quartz 2601

Material: 18ct white gold

Hands: Blackened gold

Hours to craft: 1500

Released: Basel 2016



Diamond Punk

Total diamond count: 8148 round brilliants

Case and bracelet: 7848

Dial: 300

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 16.44.14.png

Case diameter: 40mm

Case thickness: 12.2mm

Movement: Quartz 2601

Material: 18ct white gold


Hours to craft:

Released: Basel 2015





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