The Iconic Daytona


In true James Bond fashion Daniel Craig flashes his latest gadget. The exclusive Rolex Daytona. This 2016 Basel release is the new version of the Daytona building on that of the 1965 release also known as the Paul Newman Daytona.
Despite his character James Bond moving to Omega Daniel Craig has chosen to wear Rolex. Yet again emphasising the power of this watch.



The 1965 Daytona with a black plexiglas insert for the bezel along with a contrasting black and white dial. At the time a very striking new look compared to the original Daytona. Paul Newman  played a big role in creating a buzz around this watch, both actor and racing driver, his charisma and philanthropy have made this one of the most iconic watches in the world.


If you ever manage to get hold off the 2016 or if your really lucky the 1965 Daytona rest assured that you have found yourself a truly iconic watch with a lifetime of heritage.


Bye for now…

















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