The Iconic Reverso

Hello every one…

I’m back again and this time with a suggestion for your next timepiece, especially for collectors out there.

If you are looking for a watch that is a bit unique, something not for everyone, (and by everyone I mean mass market) then may I suggest the Reverso by Jaeger Le Coultre. If you don’t already have it!

This brand have everything you need to make a true Swiss watch brand. Heritage. Manufacture. Inventiveness. Most importantly it is entwined with the stories that captivate you and make you fall head over heels.

Now for those of you who don’t know and find yourself wondering: why on Earth would you NEED a reversable watch? Let’s delve a little deeper…

Watches at the time were very different from the ones we see now even in terms of the materials used. The glass for instance would have been plexi; much weaker than the sapphire crystal used today. This was the main reason as to the invention of the Reverso.

The idea actually arose from a polo game, played by British officers in India. They needed a watch to not only time the six parts of the game, but to also with stand the impact of it.

Therefore a gap in the market came to light for an elegant, luxurious sports watch specifically for polo players. Albeit an extremely niche market!

The challenge for such a watch was taken to the Swiss manufacturers and Jaeger decided they would take it on. Today the piece forms part of their most iconic collection.


Beautifully crafted the rectangular case bordered with Art Deco lines is seamless. It is difficult to tell how the swivel case even connects to the cradle. It takes do much skill to create that Jaeger don’t have a patent on it.

This simple piece can come across to a lot of people as old fashioned. I beg to differ it is classic and understated. For myself (at 23 yrs old) this may very well be the next in my collection.

Sporty oversized watches are in fashion at the minute but everything goes in circles and the smaller watch will be in style for always.

Credit: Watchgirl

Things to note about the Reverso:

-The movement is shaped to the case-

Possibly a minor thing as for most Reversos the movement can’t be seen. However it displays the level of skill involved. Jaeger are a manufacturer meaning every piece of the movement is made and assembled by them under one roof.

-1000 hours control-

For almost 6 weeks the watch is tested inside the case at different temperatures and movements to make sure it can stand the test of time (sorry some puns are inevitable). COSC on the other hand is two weeks outside the case which is a whole different environment.

-Art Deco design- 

As mentioned previously will always stay in style and has done since 1931.

-Swivel case-

The opportunities are endless! The classic stainless steel now offers a blank canvas for engraving and enamelling.

With the use of sapphire crystal in all their watches Jaeger also have dual faces. The two dials enable for different looks to suit any occasion and have a range of complications from day/night indicators to moonphases.

I could go on forever but it is better to go see them for yourself. Most importantly get them on the wrist!

Hope I haven’t bored you.

Bye for now,


Before I forget, it is the 85th anniversary of the Reverso this year so get ready for some exciting pieces (especially the Reverso one)


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