Gucci; fashion or substance?

There’s a lot of mixed views surrounding Gucci watches. Is it just another fashion brand or are they substantial Swiss watches?

Gucci has been making watches since the 1970s. However, they didn’t really hit off until the re-release in the 1990s. At this point Gucci were going through some money difficulties. I believe that it was because of this that Gucci watches really excelled.

Gucci were clever. They targeted their brand with a combination of only high-quality material and Swiss made watches.

The materials used are very luxurious from diamonds, Italian leather, Sapphire crystal and the use Physical vapour deposition (for full descriptions please refer to our Glossary Page).

Another aspect that make Gucci stand out from other fashion brands is the stories and


history behind it. For instance the diamantissima design is made to look as though it is diamonds. Giving it that luxurious look and elegant design.



There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Swiss side of the brand. An ETA movement is used in the watches which are bulk bought. Some people see this a cop out used only for the sake of saying that it is Swiss made.

However, there is a reason that ETA movements are used by big Swiss brands when they


aren’t using their in house movements. Tudor, Omega, Baume Mercier and Hublot, just to name a few are some of the users of ETA. Yes, they are slightly modified to meet each brands needs but there is a reason that they are used. They’re both high quality and affordable.


Above anything else Gucci is a fashion brand. They should not be ashamed of this it is what has given them high prestige within the industry. Moving to the watch sector just gave them a new excuse to spread the luxury that is Gucci. It allows for the best of both worlds both style and substance in the form of Swiss reliability.






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