Hard-To-Get Watches

There are certain watches on the market that are just so difficult to get hold of. Here’s a look into a few of them and why they seem impossible to get.



The 2016 Daytona 

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This Model was released at Basel world in 2016. However, many people are finding it extremely hard to get hold of it. There are some lists I’ve looked into that estimate a 25 year wait!

Of course one of the main attractions of it is that it is hard to find therefore making it a great investment piece. It also emphasises the luxury of it. less is ALWAYS more. Rolex have this down to a tee. Although this watch in particular has a lot of heritage behind it. In particular its connections with the 1965 Model that is known widely as the Paul Newman Daytona (see The Iconic Daytona Post).


Tudor Pelagos Left-Hand Drive (Pelagos LHD)

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The Pelagos LHD is the newest release from Tudor and one that wasn’t seen at Basel before it was launched. It was quite shock and in my opinion part of the reason why it has caught the eye of many a collector. Each one is individually numbered on the case back. There isn’t, as far as i know an end to the amount made currently. Although, numbering the case back suggests that there may be a limited production.

The key difference from the Pelagos 2016 is that the crown has been moved the other side. Along with smaller details such as the off white date reel, giving the watch a more vintage look. It also uses the newer Tudor in house movement rather than the Tudor ETA. Moving the crown over to the otherside is not a new idea. However with the extra touches and the dramatic reveal it has caught a lot of attention.


Audemars Piguet Double Balance Wheel Openwork 15407

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Unfortunately for those of us who live in the UK this piece is near impossible to get. Released at Basel 2016 and you would be lucky to even set eyes on this piece.

The main reason for this is the lack of an AP boutique in the UK. The second reason is the limited number in production. Under 300 are made in total for each material.

The skeletonised dial is finished only by hand and accounts for 80% of the value. Meaning only the very best watch makers can create this piece. This open dial allows us to see in to the heart of the movement.

If you do get the opportunity to see this pay close attention to the two balance wheels and two balance springs on one axis; an AP patented design. This is the key difference between the 15407 and 15305!

The two balance wheels increase the accuracy by 30% and the two balance wheels act like a team and offset each other’s balancing flaws.








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