One of the hardest things about investing in a watch is choosing the size. Especially as most models now come in at least 3 sizes. Sometimes the best thing to do is ignore the numbers 37.5, 39, 40 etc each brand will be slightly different.

Heres some general rules to follow:

1.Check your lugs!

Lugs should line up with the edge of your wrist.

Make sure they don’t over hang.

Be comfortable.

2.How deep is your watch?

Depth is also about comfort and is changeable. It depends on your wrist shape and can be altered by having strap or bracelet.

The height of the watch is important; make sure it suits your needs.

If you use your hands a lot (or even if you are just clumsy) make sure it’s not too high. Otherwise you might start noticing marks.

If you are worried about prying eyes or impressions It’s important to check if it fits under your sleeve or cuff!

Remember you never know until you get it on the wrist!

Bye for now,






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