Tudor complimentary strap; its all in the detail

The Tudor heritage complimentary strap is a great way to change your watch up a little every now and then. It gives you the option of a more casual look. Most people overlook it as just another freebee, in my opinion this is definitely not the case!

The straps are made by a fifth generation French company who specialise in fabrics. It takes 1 hour to make just one metre of the material due to the extremely high thread count. They uses a technique called jacquard weaving which is one that only a few companies use as it requires a lot of skill and time. Which shows you just how strong they are the as the high thread count makes the fabric both more flexible and durable.

CREDIT: @TudorWatch Instagram

This durability brings it back directly to the routes of where the NATO strap began. The military. For this highly intense physical and unrelenting job it was key to have a strap that withstood the elements that it would face and be comfortable enough to wear day in and out. The new updated straps all achieve this. They are also machine washable (when taken off the watch and pins) which is always handy. If they put this much effort into their complimentary straps then just imagine what goes into the actual watches.

The camo strap for the heritage ranger is the one that shocked me the most. It has the camouflage detail put over the initial strap to give it a 3D effect. I saw this first in the catalogues and online and thought it looked quite cheap i’m not exactly a camo person. I was shocked at how wrong I was as in person it is truly a work of art. Even if you wouldn’t wear the camouflage look yourself it’s hard not to appreciate the skill that goes into making the straps.

CREDIT: @TudorWatches Instagram

They instantly give the watch a more relaxed and are very comfortable especially if you don’t like wearing metal bracelets. The heritage Chrono has the ‘relaxed boat’ look down to a tee. The bright blue white and orange colours help create this and it ties in perfectly with the bright dial.

As I said the pictures do not do it justice so please go into a Tudor stockist just to feel the quality for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!





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  1. Really love the Tudor line. The second strap that they come with is an awesome bonus!


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